Hello people, finally I´ve got access to Internet!

The day before Christmas eve started at 03.30 a.m. with breakfast, and then Pierre drove us to the airport, the plane left Sweden around six in the morning. We paused in Frankfurt, Germany, for around three hours and had breakfast (again) and then we boarded the plan that would take us to Caracas, Venezuela – a flight as long as almost eleven hours!

When we finally got to Caracas airport we were of course really tired, but we had to wait an hour or two for a third plane that would take us a bnit further into the country. When we finally lay down in our beds in the hotel, we had been travelling for 24 hours and we were very, very tired.

Christmas eve, the 24th of December, started with breakfast (that took like one hour to fix) and then we took a bus and then a boat out to a camp in the delta that I do not remember the name of 😉 We had lunch there and then we experienced the delta by leaking canoes and a motor boat. We ended up fishig piranas and Olivia got the first one! The night was spent in beds covered with mosquito nets, in hotel rooms with palm leaves as doors and a view right out in the mangrove swamp, with no glass window between. We slept to the sound of barking dogs, screaming howling monkies and the birds´singing.

//ALiCE med ICE