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Just finished packing

Just finished packing and in a few minutes I’ll leave this house for probably ever. Feels kinda weird, but it will be nice to get home to Sweden again (brown bread! Preistcheese! Ordinary school! Friends!), but we don’t land in Sweden until nine Swedish time so I’ve got a long day before me, and tomorrow I’m working 8-19 too, great!

Well think my ride to school arrives now so I’ll write again later, kissss

//ALiCE med ICE


I’m packing my bag right now and for some mysterious reason it seems that I will fix the weight. Which is totally amazing, I’ve bought lots of stuff!! Bought a second pair of Converse today for my sister, and some parfums and body butters (400 g for one pound!), and I mean, these things weigh! But they’re packed into my big bag now, just the hand luggage left. I’ll leave my towel and my broken bag here, and I’ll have two jackets on… Accept from that I’ve just added things to my packing so it’s a miracle if it actually works… Will pack the last things tomorrow morning so then we’ll see… 😉

Tonight’s the last night. We’ll gather at Copacabana and some will eat, some will just take a dessert. Will be awesome!

Tomorrow I’m off to Sweden. See you then 😀

//ALiCE med ICE

My “home” for the last two weeks…

If you’re interested, which you probably not are, but I’ll post this anyway so it doesn’t matter, here’s some photos of my “home” for the last two weeks. Newcastle avenue 73, Colchester.

My house and my host mum’s blue car. It was that blue car that helped me recognise my house in the beginning… The window upstairs in the middle is mine!

The room.

The bed, which looked a lot better when I first arrived… 😉

//ALiCE med ICE

I survived

I survived the walk home, so I’m alive people. Seriously, why does everything become so much more scary when it’s dark and you’re alone? Why do our legs have a speed that’s two times faster in the evening, when you’re alone, than in the day? Anyway, lucky Johanna followed me half way so I only walked the last few minutes by myself. (Mum don’t freak out when you read this, Colchester is very calm actually).

Tomorrow’s the last whole day. I’ll set the clock at seven to run in the morning before breakfast instead, them I’ve got the whole afternoon for last minute-shopping. Converse and some other things. In the evening almost the whole class will meet at Copacabana. Think tomorrow will be a good day. Now good night and sleep tight!

//ALiCE med ICE

At Johanna’s place

Hey folks,at Johanna’s place right now. We’ve just watched Toy Story 3, haha. Tomorrow is the last whole day. We’ll be in school, then I’ll walk into town with the others to buy a pair of Converse for my sister and some other last minute-stuff, then I’ll take the bus home and go out for a run and then in the evening after dinner I think we all will hang out together since it’s the last night. I’ll take a Ben and Jerry-ice cream… 😉

//ALiCE med ICE

Good and bad (mostly good) things about England

Good things about England so far:

*People are very polite, all the time
*Most of the boys at my age are very cute!
*Afternoon tea, breakfast tea, after dinner-tea, love it!
*Very good shopping, I mean, very good!
*Cheap coffee. That’s a good one.
*They’ve got Forever 21, Primark and Starbucks!!!
*The school uniforms! The students look so nice in their uniforms, there’s lots of different types just here in Colchester, depending on which school you go to.
*Shakeaway by the corner just by the library, and that cute guy who works there!
*Very easy ticket system in the buses. Screw Västtrafik, they should learn from the English!
*The carpets inside, it’s nice to always have soft floor under your feet!
*The accent. The British English is so much nicer than the American one. Love the accent.

Bad things about England so far:

*There’s no such thing as really dark bread and cereals that not only taste sugar. At least it’s not common.
*They’re driving on the wrong side of the road!
*…And open the doors to the wrong way as well… 😉
*The carpets on the floor. Well it is nice with softness, but just imagine someone vomiting on it. You will never be able to clean everything away…
*No cheesecutters or whatever you call them! Why is there no osthyvlar?<3
*Junkfood in the schools. And no free food in the schools either. Bad.
*There are schools for only girls and only boys, how fun is that? Not that fun.

//ALiCE med ICE

No cash left!!

Hello people, just arrived to school after a 40 minutes walk. I’ve got no cash left!! Well actually I’ve got exactly 4,47 £ left, but a bus ticket for one day costs 3,20 so today I’m walking forth and back from school since I only afford one more bus ticket, and that will be for tomorrow… You can’t pay with card on the bus and it’s stupid to take out cash since it costs like 5 £ when you do it… So I’ll get lots of exercise (spell?) today instead! 😉

Yesterday we had Swedish night here at school, we invited the other students and held presentations about Sweden, it went well. Today I’ll start to pack my bags – it’s only two nights left here!! Then in the evening I will walk to Johanna’s house again and we’ll see a movie or something. Without those toffee popcorns…

Now I’ve gotta go to the first lesson. They are so long!! Two 100 minutes-lessons with 30 minutes break between, then lunchbreak at one o’clock (then everyone is starving) and then a one hour lesson ’til three o’clock. Kissssssss

//ALiCE med ICE



New interesting taste experience today at Johanna’s host family – toffeepopcorn! It was… Interesting? Seriously, pretty strange with sweet popcorn that tasted toffee but well… We’re in England! Speaking about that, I’m actually starting to long home now. Feels like all the fun is over now since it’s only school left, but I’ll try to enjoy my last days here as much as possible. Only four nights left! So sleep tight everybody and see you soon, kisssss

//ALiCE med ICE


Finally I’ve got access to a computer so here’s lots and lots of photos from the weekend!

So on Friday we all went to the cinema and saw Friends with benefits. This is Anja, me, Elina and a small part of Taw just before we went in to see the movie.

This day I ate Ben and Jerry-ice cream two times… But it’s so freakin’ good and you choose tastes by youself… Imagine, scoop ice cream with Ben and Jerry-flavours, which you are aloud to bring in to the cinema… Heaven!

On Saturday the destination was London. Here is me, Jessica and Anja standing on a bridge somewhere…

Me, Julia and Andrea think we are funny (in the line to the toilets)

Andrea, Johanna and me outside Buckingham Palace

This picture you just have to take. Ellie, Anja, Julia, Jessica and me in front of the typical telephone!

On our walk to Forever 21 and Primark (you really feel very grown up when you find your own way through London just by trusting the map) we walked on Bond street where all the expensive stores are. Armani, Bulberry, Miu miu, Calvin Klein, Louis vuitton, Dolce & gabbana, Prada, Diesel and so on… They all had guards inside the stores and you really felt like a thief when you went in there, we didn’t dare to stay that long… We found this bag in the Louis vuitton-store, only 2010 £! (DAMN THAT’S MORE THAN 20 000 SWEDISH CROWNS FOR A BAG!!!)

We were all very satisfied with our things we bought at the amazing store Forever 21, why don’t we have it in Sweden!?

At some bridge – Ellie, Anja, Johanna, Andrea and me

We were waiting at the subway and took a coffee at Starbucks

Andrea, Johanna and me at the subway

In the evening we all ate at the italian restaurant – very nice!

Ellie and me

It was so fun to gather the whole class 😀

Me, Julia, Julia, Hellohf, Taw, Mandy and Christopher in this picture

Everything I bought plus a pair of jeans for 76 £!

Anja and me in Cambridge

Really gotta go to lesson now kisssssss

//ALiCE med ICE

An awesome weekend

Hello folks, have not have time to blog until now but my weekend has been awesome with lots and lots of shopping at primark and Forever 21 in London and Cambridge, italian restaurant and cinema-visit so now I’m pretty tired – this is the first evening I’m not out. I’m just going to sleep soon but I’ll tell you about everything I’ve done and all I’ve bought tomorrow when I have a computer. Good night everybody!

//ALiCE med ICE

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