Okay folks, now we’ve only got 355 days left to live (or actually 354 point something), so let’s make 2012 an awesome year – it is after all our last one since we’re supposed to die the 21st of december 2012

Yesterday night was really fun, it got much more fun than I first thought it would be. We ate buffet at the hotel – as always the food always looks better than it tastes but it was pretty good. We’re travelling with another very nice and kind Swedish family from Stockholm – Bjorn, Josefin, Mark and Erik who are 21-26 years old and their parents, and during the night the young people asked me to join them after the countdown to 2012 and go into the city to test the Venezuelan nightlife. I said yes of course…

So after 24.00 when 2011 died and 2012 was borned, we drank champagne and danced and at 01.30 me, Bjorn, Mark, Erik and Josefin took a taxi from outside the hotel into the city. We came to the nightclub Bora Bora at two or something and spent two hours dancing and trying to recognize any song. Think we knew six songs during those two hours – the rest were Spanish music. But it was fun anyway and I didn’t got to bed until five o’clock in the morning but it was definitely worth it! 😉

Picture from google, but this is my first night club… and I definitely got a taste for it and I’m longing to turn 18 so I can go out legally 😉

//ALiCE med ICE