We were supposed to eat breakfast at 7.30 but it was at eight – this Venezuelan definition of time again. We were also supposed to leave for Angel Falls – the highest waterfall in the whole world – at nine but we left the lagoon at 10.30. The four hours boatride to the Angel Falls was dramatic – it was like Flumride or Colorado in Liseberg but ten times worse (or better?) – water that wet you down every time we drove up one “step” in the river, stones and sticks from the trees that the “captain”  skilfully avoided and lots of “steps” in the river to drive up through. The heart pounded pretty fast at those “steps”, boy it did.

When we finally got to Angel Falls we started to climb the long way up at once, because we wanted to be back at the camp before it was dark. Our local guide told us the climb would take one and a half hour, but we started at 14.45 and we marched over the roots and up the mountain in a high speed so we were at the view point 40 minutes later – totally wet of sweat but stunned by the breathtaking sight up over the highest waterfall in the world. It’s not that wide but it’s very high – almost one km high. After a little rest at the viewpoint we climbed up a little bit more to take a swim right where all the water from the fall lands, in a little “bowl” filled with cold water from the Angel Fall. Pretty cool to have swimmed in the water of the highest waterfall in the world, isn’t it?

We spent the evening playing cards with another Swedish family and slept in hangmatas – we slept around twenty persons in under a roof with open walls to the dark djungle and fell asleep to the sound of the water from Angel Falls, wind in the trees, birds and other sounds from undefinitioned animals.

//ALiCE med ICE