We spent the day in Bolivar with a guided tour, ate lunch at a fish restaurant (the fish tasted very fishy) and at the evening we flew to Isla Margarita – a flight that takes around one hour. We arrived at the hotel pretty late and me and Olivia got to bed at once.

Today it was so nice to eat breakfast at a breakfast buffet – to be able to eat what ever you want, how much you want and at what time you want. And it was nice to not have these eggs and these arepas to breakfast like we’ve got almost the whole journey. After breakfast we went straight to the beach and we’ve spent the whole day there, greedy to get as much sun on our winter white Swedish bodies as possible. But I’ve already got a bikini line! 🙂

Here it’s almost five in the afternoon and in Sweden it’s almost 22.30 – one and a half hour ’til New Year and I guess you’re partying at the most right now. Don’t get too drunk folks 😉 Here the hotel staff is fixing for the evening and my Internet time is soon over so I will go take a shower and fix makeup and hair and so on for tonight, New Year! We’re celebrating it five and a half hours later than you in Sweden so I’m wishig you all a happy new year here and now – Happy New Year from a warm Venezuela and hugs from me!

//ALiCE med ICE