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Yesterday night me and some classmates went to Copacabana. Kristian, Henke, Mark and Simon took the buffet offer (two persons for 16 £) while I only took a coffee and Elina and Hellohf shared a dessert and well, tasted all of the others’ food, hehe. It was very nice sitting there together and later others from my class joined us. Nice evening!

This is a really bad picture (my camera is broken so it’s from my phone, hope I’ll be able to fix the camera today) of us at the restaurant:

Mark, Christopher and Jessica

I’m off to the last class!

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I just love my class.


You know what, I totally love my class and the people I’m here with! They’re just wonderful, all of them! To travel to a foreign country together like this really makes you realize that. During the days we’ve been here, I tink the whole class has grown tighter together. This is just totally awesome!

I’m out of here, gotta catch the bus to school. I’ll write again about our adventurer here later 😉 Hugs from Colchester!

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Some pictures from Colchester

I’ve got lunch break now but lesson will start in ten minutes, so I’ll just publish some more pictures for you!

This is me and Johanna at a very cute street in the centre of Colchester. Every shopping street looks like this, it’s a very pretty city! This was Monday, the same day as we arrived.

This picture is from Tuesday night. Julia, me, Johanna and Anja at the bus on our way to the town (at the top floor of course – some buses has two levels!)

At “The Playhouse” Tuesday evening – Hellohf, me, Christopher and Daniel.

This was yesterday after school – me, Anja and Jessica found some really cute things in a store!

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Update from Colchester on its way

Helloooo, update from Colchester, England on its way!

Yesterday night, as I wrote before I got to sleep, we sat at the coffee bar at the cinema. We drank cinnamon latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate and coffee – the coffee is pretty cheap here. Here’s some pictures from yesterday, taken by my cell phone ’cause my real camera didn’t work! I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it keeps not doing what I want it to do… Anyway, pictures!

Johanna and Julia at the coffee bar yesterday evening

Elina, Daniel and Taw

Our coffees – those two big cups of coffee (they were enourmous, they really were) for 2,95 £ each (30 Swedish crowns) which is pretty cheap. But I’ve seen other bars and stores who’s selling cappuccinos for 1,5 £ so as said – coffee is pretty cheap here! 

Now we’re going back to class, just a 50 minutes-lesson and then lunch at 12.00 (we’ll maybe get dark bread for our baguettes today!!) , then two more lessons and we’ll end school at three!

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The town tonight

They are driving at the wrong side of the road and they open the doors to the wrong way, but they are very polite, the English people!

So today we’ve been to school, not too hard work, and after school me, Anja and Jessica went to the town to look in the pretty stores. It’s a nice city, it really is! Me and Anja were out running in the park before dinner too, and now in the evening we’ve been into town again. We started at the cinema and took a coffee there, then we just walked around. We booked a table at a nice italian restaurant for saturday after coming home from London so hopefully the whole class will enjoy a nice dinner out at saturday night!

Tomorrow we’re going to go to the “french party” which the french students at the school are setting up, will be nice to speak some french and enjoy some french food.

Okay, i’m going to sleep now but i’ll update tomorrow again. Hugs from Colchester 😉

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Todat we got bananas instead of crisps or mars bars for lunch! Wonderful! Me, Elina and Julia asked the manager if they could change the light baguettes against darker, mor healthy bread (if bread ever can be healthy?) so tomorrow it will hopefully be dark bread too! We’ve had two lessons and right now it’s lunch break so we’re spending it up here checking facebook in the computer room. Next lesson will start in 15 minutes, it’s a short lesson, then we have another lesson with group work – me, Anja and Jessica are going to work with the old water tower, “The Jumbo” here in Colchester, and then we’re going to do a presentation by the end of our stay here.

Yesterday night we were out in the town, everyone in the class were together actually! We were at a pub at first, but after awhile they started to check our ID’s (which didn’t show we’re eighteen…) so we moved on and ended up at a salsa bar or something and I used my new learned salsa moves, very fun! We took the bus at 22.10 and I was in bed at eleven or something. As said – life’s here is awesome, accept for the food maybe. I’m eating terribly much colhydrates (lots of bread and sugar) and I’m not excersizing… Feel bad for that. But accept from that, I’m really enjoying life here! Cheers!

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First day at school


We’ve got lunch break right now so after finishing the baguette-thing we get for lunch I went here to the computer room (first thing I did was of course checking facebook, haha!). The lunch contains of a baguette with filling (sallad, tomatoes and cheese today), a soda (or a bottle of whater which I took) and a snack – yesterday we got a bar of mars and today we got crisps. I changed against a banana both times…

Anyway, we’ve had two lessons today and the teachers seem great! I moved up from B2a to C1 since it was a little bit to easy so that’s nice. We’re going to have to more lessons and school finishes at 15.00, then we’re going into town for a little tour and dinner will be served at home at 18.00!

Think I’ll update again tonight but now I’ve gotta go to lesson. Here’s some pictures from yesterday taken by Elina!

At the airport, from left: Daniel, Andrea, Johanna, Elin, Wictor (and my feet!)

Me and Elina at the airport (and yes, we went up pretty early yesterday morning…)

Julia, Lina and I at the airport!

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Bacon and egg for breakfast…?

Good morning sunshines!

Woke up a few minutes ago and it’s 7:30 am local time, but it feels like I got to sleep much since in Sweden it’s 8:30 am. I slept pretty well and now I’m so excited to see the town and go shopping! It’s not that expensive here and the summer clothes are on sell-out so… 😉

Time to get up to eat breakfast. Wonder if it will be egg and bacon…? I got two cups of tea within an hour yesterday so it’s true that English do drink lots of it… 😉

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Dude, so much better than I expected!

Dude, I know this journey is going to be totally awesome ’cause this far it rocks! This is way far over my expectations! Accept for the not-very-filling-so-called-lunch-when-it-really-was-a-pretty-poor-baguette, it all has been so much better than I thought it would. I wonder if our teachers meant to scare the asses of us off with bad stories about the host families and so on, so that we would have low expectations, and then get gladly surprised? ‘Cause I was. I am. I don’t live so far away from school at all, screw google maps kind of, ’cause it does not take 35 minutes to get to school by bus, only like 10-15. And my host mum rocks! She lives alone but her grown up children and her “boyfriend” visit often. I have an own room with TV, I’ve got wifi, she asked me if there’s something I don’t eat or if there’s something I wish to eat, she gave me an own key so I can come home whenever I want, she will wash my clothes in the weekend, she pointed out good stores, ways and things to do and see on the map and tomorrow she will drive me to school when it’s the first day. And, many of my classmates are living very close to me, me and Daniel took a walk together before for example. This is going to be so great and it seems like I’m not the only one in the class who thinks so!

Okay, starting to get really tired in my thumb now. You know I’m writing all this on my cell, which is not an iphone or an android… 😉

Time to sleep, good night and sleep tight from a happy girl in Colchester, England!

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Colchester English Study Centre

Woke up at 6.00 this morning and I met up with Henke and Christoffer one hour later to drive to the airport. There we met the rest of our class and the plane left ground at 10.15 or something. We arrived to Colchester English Study Centre by lunch and got a sandwich and a bar of mars (and everyone was starving!!) and then we had some presentations by the teachers. Now it’s four p.m. local time and we’re waiting for our host families to pick us up here at school. Elina’s and Taw’s families have already been here… And the rest of us are pretty nervous!

Okay so now you’ve got an update and I’m going back to the rest of the class… Don’t know if I will be able to get Internet at my host familiy but hope so, in that case I’ll probably write again tonight, otherwise tomorrow again. Love from Colchester, England! 😉

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