Borgerliga intressen men hjärtat till vänster

Last day at Isla de Margarita

Today was our last day at the island, which we spent snorkling. We were picked up at eight in the morning and after a 45 minutes drive we and (parts of, some of us are unluckily sick) the other Swedish family sailed out from the port with a pretty big sailing boat, maybe 40 feet, and its two captains. We sailed (with a little help from the motor) for maybe one and a half hour and it was all very relaxing – we sat at the deck in the sun drinking cold drinks while the boat slowly took us forward!

One and a half hour later we stopped near an island to go snorkling. The corals and the fishes were though not as impressing as in the Red Sea in Egypt where we snorkled last winter, but it was pretty good. After a while we ate lunch at the boat (and I think it was one of the best meals of our stay here in Venezuela, maybe because of that we sat in the back of a sailing boat surrounded by the perfectly blue sea and with the sun shining above us…), and after snorkling a little more we started to go back again. We were back at the hotel by 17.30, took a shower, started to pack, and then me, Olivia and dad ate dinner at the a la carte here at the hotel – our last dinner here in Venezuela, our next one will be at the flight Caracas-Frankfurt…

Tomorrow we’ll set the clock at 4.00 and then go to the airport here at Isla at 4.30, to take a flight to Caracas. At Caracas airport we’ll be waiting for ten hours for the plane that will leave in the afternoon and take us to Frankfurt, a ten hours and 45 minutes long flight. From Frankfurt we’ll take a flight to Gothenburg. Tomorrow will be a loooong day, travelling for over 24 hours…

//ALiCE med ICE


4th January 2012


Lite sådära.

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  1. Du verkar ha haft det superbra gumman! 😀 Imorgon när vi ses får du berätta ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT igen! 😀 Kramis <3

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