Borgerliga intressen men hjärtat till vänster

No cash left!!

Hello people, just arrived to school after a 40 minutes walk. I’ve got no cash left!! Well actually I’ve got exactly 4,47 £ left, but a bus ticket for one day costs 3,20 so today I’m walking forth and back from school since I only afford one more bus ticket, and that will be for tomorrow… You can’t pay with card on the bus and it’s stupid to take out cash since it costs like 5 £ when you do it… So I’ll get lots of exercise (spell?) today instead! 😉

Yesterday we had Swedish night here at school, we invited the other students and held presentations about Sweden, it went well. Today I’ll start to pack my bags – it’s only two nights left here!! Then in the evening I will walk to Johanna’s house again and we’ll see a movie or something. Without those toffee popcorns…

Now I’ve gotta go to the first lesson. They are so long!! Two 100 minutes-lessons with 30 minutes break between, then lunchbreak at one o’clock (then everyone is starving) and then a one hour lesson ’til three o’clock. Kissssssss

//ALiCE med ICE





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  1. Ylva

    Sluta, ta ut pengar på bankomaten…det gör inget om du har pund kvar, du fick ju med dig >5 pund som vi hade hemma.

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